Thoughtful Sorting

We have nearly 30 years of experience. The proffered puppies are sort out thoughtfully, laying great emphasis on vitality. We only purchase puppies inspected by experts from illustrious breeders. We have been cooperating with our partners for a long time. The puppies are separated from their mother at the age of eight weeks. After this, they get into quarantine for 15 days.

Professional Care

The puppies receive first class care  from our experienced vets during the time spent at the quarantine station. The puppies receive the obligatory vaccinations (Duramune Puppy, Duramune Puppy DHPPI-LR and RABIES, too - if it is needed). The puppies are dewormed, get individual microchip ID and international pet passport. We take care of the dogs with adequate proficiency, and their further developement is supported well by the food of strictly high quality.


The transportation of dogs carried out by specially modified cars: we strive to form a convenient environment and to minimize stressful situations. The quality if confirmed by the approval of the Agricultural Ministry of the Slovak Republic. The dogs are naturally looked after during transportation as well, and they are regularly catered. The expenses of transportation are included in the price.


Would you like to minimize risk? Read our warranty offer of 50%. If the dog purchased from us passes away deposit the professional care, we compensate you at the next shipment. As the lives of the puppies are our mutual responsibility, we repay you half the price.