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Our company has been dealing with selling and transporting dogs since 1980, accumulating experience of 30 years. We buy our puppies from registered Slovak breeders, take care of them with the highest level of expertise, sell and transport them - primarily to foreign retail dealers. We only deal with healthy, viable dogs. Our customers can select from a wide supply of puppies - between 8 and 16 weeks old, as requested. You can find information about our selection of puppies in our catalogue. We can complete your order in case you select at least 20 dogs.


Our site is located in Baloň, Slovakia near the Hungarian and Austrian borders. At our newly built, convenient and dog-friendly breeding station a vet and a qualified staff take care of the deworming, medical care and adequate feeding of the puppies. The transportation of the dogs is carried out by cars with modified interior, which have been specially designed for this purpose. The aptitude of our cars has been approved by the Agricultural Ministry of the Slovak Republic.

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If you would like to purchase puppies, contact us. With the help of our price quote request form you can quickly get our current offer. We deliver the dogs ordered in 72 hours with warranty. Read our unique warranty option at the Services page.