English Bulldog

Description: The EnglishBulldog is a short, broad, stocky and heavily built dog. Its robust, square skull is very big. Its coat is short. It is known in two kinds of colouring: red and tiger-striped. The red can change from beige to dark deer brown and light brown.

Origin: Its ancestor has been bred in the medieval England. It was used by slaughtermen for herding of bulls and bull baiting. In the 19th century it has been crossed with the pug.

Height: male 35-45 cm, female 34-44 cm

Weight: 22-25 kg

Litter size: 4-6

Life span: 9-11 years

Attributes: The English Bulldog is a tame, friendly and balanced dog.

Employment: It is a pet dog, excellent companion for kids. It is recommended to be kept in flats.